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The Game

It's done!!!

After almost one year of developing the new version of EuroTour - EuroTour II - is finally finished. Lots of things have changed in Europe. These changes have been considered in EuroTour II: In the graphics as well as in content. But one thing has of course remained the same: Fun is still top priority!

What's it all about?
EuroTour II is a computer game for up to six players. This game is all about the European Union, its member states and the candidate countries. On the newly designed and extended map of Europe you can clearly differentiate the member states from those applying for membership.

The European currency and EuroTour II
In this game you travel through the whole of Europe. The flights between the countries have to be paid of course. While the Euro was still a vision in EuroTour I, just in time for the release of the new version, "Euroland" has become true in reality as well as in the game. From now on all travelling expenses for journeys in the 12 participating states are paid in Euros. But: thirteen member states and the three candidate countries are not yet part of "Euroland". So there are exchange rates and exchange rate fluctuations - also in Eurotour II.

Test your knowledge!
Whenever you arrive at your destination, you can test your knowledge about this country by answering five questions. Every question correctly answered raises the value of the souvenir that you have to collect from each country you have to travel to. This is because the player with the most valuable collection of souvenirs at the end of the game is the winner.

Action sequences
This incessant travelling is quite expensive, of course: you might run out of money. So, to increase your travel funds, you'll play what we call an "action sequence" after answering the questions: one of six different games. If you choose the levels "medium" or "hard" for the action sequences, you have to decide how much to bet for this game. You might even lose money!

The final round
After travelling to all countries, you make a last trip to Strasbourg, where you've got to answer five questions about Europe. After that it'll be clear who is the player with the broadest knowledge about the European Union, its member states and the candidate countries.

EuroTour II: It's international
You can play EuroTour II in English, German, French, Czech and even in Hungarian!

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